Henk Holsheimer in his studio, Munich, 2015

Design & Innovation Management

Henk Holsheimer works across industries as design consultant, with a strong focus on conceptual thinking and idea generation. With years of experience as concept manager for the LEGO Group and through collaboration with partners and clients such as IDEO, Audi, BMW, Facebook and WMF, Henk built up strong competencies in innovation management, concept development and design process development.

Henk’s strengths are holistic thinking, strategic innovation, improvement of design processes, translation of research findings into concept ideas and quick visualisation.

Henk offers his expertise in the fields of change management, design strategy, design thinking and concept development.



Groupe SEB
WMF Group
LEGO System A/S
Schleich GmbH
IDEO Palo Alto
Rolls Royce, BMW Group
Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este
AMEET Sp. z o.o.
Qoros Auto Co. Ltd.
General Motors Europe

Hooper Alpe Ltd.



Automotive charcoal drawings

Since 1991 Henk Holsheimer draws cars with charcoal, in the beginning mostly sports cars and racing scenes. By continuously developing this classic drawing technique in different variations Henk has created his own unique and recognizable style.


Abstract charcoal drawings

During his art and design studies in 1998 at Pforzheim University Henk started to create abstract charcoal drawings. These artworks were exhibited for the first time at ARTMUC 2014.


Design sketching

One of a designer’s basic skills is the ability to quickly visualize an idea through a quick sketch. A sketch is often more lively and allows more room for interpretation and inspiration compared to final computer renderings.


Design rendering

Renderings show more detail than a sketch and show a product idea in it’s exact shape and material. Henk Holsheimer creates classic renderings with pen and markers as well as digital renderings.